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Among Us Playerbase Rises to 2 Million After Epic Games Store Giveaway

Epic’s Mega Sale 2021 just entered week 2 of the sale and with that Among Us was the 2nd mystery game of the sale. 

Among Us was last year’s biggest indie game with more than 500K active users playing the game throughout the last year. Among Us was released in 2018 and only had a meager 2K active player base, but with the pandemic-induced lockdown through the globe, the game suddenly saw a rise in its player numbers.

Famous streamers and YouTubers also helped the game to gain more popularity. The game even won the “Indie Game Of The Year” award at The Game Awards 2020. The game’s fairly cheap price (sub $5 or free), easy-to-learn mechanics, crossplay availability, and casual fun experience helped in bolstering the player base. 

Now with the Epic Store offering the game for free during their ongoing Mega Sale 2021 has helped InnerSloth in expanding the game player base from 500K to 2M in just 2 days.

Victoria Tran, Community Director of Among Us tweeted about the milestone. She posted a graph on Twitter displaying the sudden surge in players of the Among Us PC version right after the game was offered for free on Epic Games Store.

She also mentioned other factors that were contributing to the surge such as long weekends or players testing out the game on other platforms. While the graphs only show the number of active PC players, most of the spike in the player base was no doubt caused by Epic’s giveaway and other factors only amounted to a minor rise. 

Since Among Us is free on EGS until June 7th, I thought it’d be nice to quickly share some player count stats from over the weekend!”

“graphs graphs graphs”

However, Victoria Tran also said that the spike is only temporary and the player base will surely fall down back to the previous levels in the coming weeks. The achievement of reaching 2M+ players on an indie game is exciting and just shows that the game is still very popular and has now become a big part of the modern gaming culture. 

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