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5 best Minecraft seeds to speedrun

The Minecraft speedrunning community is constantly on the lookout for new seeds. Players want to get any advantage possible by selecting the right seed and getting the best starting gear possible. If you are someone interested in hopping on the Minecraft speedrunning trend, here are the top five Minecraft seeds to try as a speedrunner.

Best Minecraft Seed for Speedrunning (2022)

12-Eyed Portal (Seed: 4530634556500121041)

This seed spawns you near a 12-eyed portal and if you can gear up to beat the Ender Dragon fast enough, you will be able to get your personal best run with this Bedrock-exclusive seed.

Villages and Desert Temple (Seed: 1955471898)

The Villages and Desert Temple seed is meant for the Minecraft Bedrock edition only and is one of the best ways to get into speedrunning in the game. You will spawn near the desert temple close to the abandoned village with plenty of loot to get you started. 

Savannah Biome (Seed: 6254448515498253750)

This Minecraft seed will spawn players in a savannah biome next to a desert biome. You will get early access to a blacksmith as well as a nether portal to make your speedrun a breeze. 

Village Spawn(Seed Code: 7453340963196383811)

In this seed, you spawn near the village and a chest. Grabbing the chest nets you three pieces of diamonds, six pieces of obsidian, and some bread to get you started for your speedrun with a solid set of resources.

World Record (Seed: 1156391694)

This is the go-to seed that a lot of speedrunners used to get 1% speedrun records. There are three blacksmiths in this seed and if you know what you are doing, you will get the best results with this seed.

Not all seeds are beginner-friendly and we recommend trying out some of the easiest seeds before trying out the world record seed to get your fastest run possible.

Kanishka Thakur
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