10 Sony PS5 Seized By Indian Custom Departments

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Yesterday (5th June), the Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch of Air Cargo Customs and Export Commissionerate at IGI Airport, New Delhi intercepted and seized 222 iPhones of various models, 173 used laptops,10 PS5 consoles, and 4391 health supplements. 

The overall market value of goods is around Rs 2.50 crore and seized at New Courier Terminal and in terms of real market value, these goods would be worth a lot more.

In its press briefing, the Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch stated that the suspects mislabeled the goods as household goods and shipped them from Dubai. The customs tax rate on household goods is lower than that on electronics and health supplements. 

Another key point mentioned in the press brief was that these goods are generally sold at a cheaper price in Dubai as the overall tax (VAT, Sales, etc) is far lower than whats charged in India. It is illegal to export a large number of such items by law and may result in fines or jail for upto 5 years. 

A custom fraud case has been lodged against the suspects and a court hearing will be held soon. Till then the suspects were apprehended and sent to police custody. 

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