Fantasy sports has recently led to a resurgence for sports wagering. The stigma surrounding gambling is slowly clearing away and has opened the huge avenues and has become a huge industry in itself.

There are thousands of fans who are waiting with bated breaths to enter this market. But the question stands – where does one begin? In this article, we’ll provide all the relevant information for amateurs to get started on their betting journey.

Favorites and Underdogs

Once the lines are out, the odds makers decide the favorites and the underdogs. As you would already know, favorites predicted to win whereas the underdogs are anticipated to eat dirt.


Essentially, once wagers can be made in two ways. One of these is by way of a “spread”. Favorites “give” while underdogs “get” points. If you’ve wagered, let’s say, a 10-point favorite, a win of at least11 point is required. A win by 10 points, you get your wager bet back. If they win by less than 10 points or end up losing, the bet is lost.

Conversely, an underdog-win or a loss by less than 7 points can see you through. These spreads are used for different sports.


You can bet on the teams via money-lines. It is determined purely by wins and losses. The teams that are favorites have negative odds. For instance, if it is -100, you risk $100 to win $50.

Conversely, underdogs have plus odds. Since underdogs are not predicted to win, users receive rewards when they do. These money-lines are usually used while wagering on football and baseball.

Totals (or Over/Unders)

Wagering on the total points that are recorded in a game is also allowed. Users can bet on whether the match will go under or surpass the marked total. For instance, there may be a total of 210. You have the option of betting Over 210 or Under 210. As one would have guessed, a bet is won depending on what kind of wager it is and if the results are in your favor.

What does the -110 number mean next to the wager?

There is a tax that is paid on every wager. This will ensure that your wagers are accepted. A negative number (like -110) equates to risking $110 to be able to win $100.

It could also be a positive number (like +110). Essentially, it means that if a wager of $100 is made and you win the bet, you get $110.

How to wager

The authorization of betting on sports has made it easy for users to gamble. Ensure that betting is allowed in your jurisdiction. The same can be said for spin palace casino real money as there are many platforms where one can easily bet. Users don’t have to worry about issues regarding legality since it is most of them are highly regulated.

There are various states that have allowed betting on mobile as well. Some of the most notable sportsbooks are given below where one can bet without any worries.

Where can I place bets?

These are the top sportsbooks where one can place bets:

  • PointsBet
  • William Hill
  • FanDuel
  • bet365
  • Sugar House
  • DraftKings
  • Bet Rivers

The amount that one can bet

As a rule of thumb, wager with the money that you are okay to lose. There are going to peaks, and valleys in this game and one has to look at the big picture while wagering. The prudent thing would be to stick to the same wager for all matches and risk no more than 1-5 percent of your bankroll. This betting approach will ensure that you guard yourself against huge losses and can stay in the betting game for longer periods of time.

What are rotational numbers?

These can be found next to the team on the board. They are unique to the league, the sport, and the team. These are also universal and are found on most sportsbooks. This makes it easy for you to bet on the teams and save a lot of time.

Fluidity of Sports Betting

Similar to stocks, this industry deals with fluid information as well. The odds keep changing during the day. These odds are adjusted depending on the news and the action. One can easily monitor the odds in real time on apps and betting websites.

Getting the best line

The betting lines are contingent on the sportsbook. There are numerous options that you have at your disposal so it is better to shop around before settling on one. Even a half point margin can make a huge difference and increase your chances of success.