French President Emmanuel Macron Blames Video Games for Riots


In the midst of ongoing riots following the tragic death of a teenager during a traffic stop, French President Emmanuel Macron has placed the blame on video games. This article delves into Macron’s statements, highlighting the alleged influence of video games on the riots, the importance of parental responsibility, the role of social media in organizing the unrest, and the government’s response to maintain peace and security.

President Macron asserts that video games have significantly impacted the mindset of those involved in the riots. He suggests that the immersive experiences offered by these games have intoxicated some individuals, leading them to imitate violent behavior and become disconnected from reality. Although direct evidence is lacking, Macron’s remarks shed light on a potential contributing factor to the ongoing unrest.

Macron acknowledges that a significant number of individuals arrested during the riots are young. He urges parents to take responsibility for their children’s actions and keep them off the streets. Macron emphasizes that ensuring a peaceful environment requires parents to fully exercise their duty and play an active role in maintaining societal harmony.

Macron alleges that social media platforms, including Snapchat and TikTok, have played a significant role in organizing the riots. He calls for the removal of sensitive content related to violence from these platforms. Expressing concern over the coordination of violent gatherings through social media, Macron stresses the need for social media companies to disclose the identities of those inciting disorder and promoting violence to the authorities.

To quell the escalating violence, the French government has deployed approximately 40,000 security forces. Overnight, 875 individuals, some as young as 14 or 15 years old, were arrested. Macron announces plans to further bolster police presence to restore control and bring an end to the riots.

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