Free Fire – Top 5 Drop Locations in Alpine

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Garena has pushed a new update for Free Fire and on the occasion of New Year, the player base has received a new map. This map is called as Alpine and is added to the existing pool of BR maps. Players are currently exploring the snow-laden terrain and here are the top five places that you should drop to or visit while playing Alpine in Free Fire.

Free Fire is a popular battle royale with a wide player base. In this game, each player drops with 64 others in a match of total survival. Alpine is the latest BR map and is unique in terms of terrain as well as climate.


Alpine is a unique map and has a wide variety of terrain. The Northwestern corner of this map is covered in snow and has a big city situated in the heart of that snow cover.

This area is called as Snowfall and is one of the most strategically built areas. It has high mountains and buildings for perfect team fights so if you are seeking to enter a heated battlefield, consider dropping at Snowfall.


Militia is a military training area with lots of one-storey buildings. This area does not have high ground but a supply vending machine is located in this area. Players can often come here to restock their guns and ammunition.

It is a good idea to drop in Militia if you are looking for some face to face fights but it is a must to visit this location after dropping as many teams in the vicinity will be arriving soon for their fresh stock of guns.


As the name suggests, it is a shipyard in the eastern part of this map. It has two large warehouses and a big ship that gives an exciting area to work around. Drop here if you looking for a relatively safe drop but the loot can be scarce here due to the random spawning location of guns and the shape of shipyard.


This is the southernmost city on the map with an ample amount of equipment supply. As the area is quite big, this makes for a good location to drop and fight instantly while having good enough guns in your hand. As the name says, there is a large stadium in the vicinity but it does not aid in combat as players are open targets in such a large field.


Railroad is the last location in this list. This area is not special as it only has a big railway station and three railway routes with rails on it. Players need to be vigilant while looting in this area as most of the loot spawns in open areas.


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