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Free Fire OB44 New Character Isabel Leaked: Know More

The leaks regarding the highly-anticipated new upcoming Free Fire OB44 Advanced Server character Isabel have surfaced the internet. Isabel brings in a new ability to the game named Electrotherapy, which focuses on healing herself and her teammates. Let’s have a look into all this new character. 

Free Fire OB44 New Character Isabel Abilities

Following is all the information leaked about Isabel so far:

Isabel’s Active Ability: Electrotherapy

Isabel’s Active Ability, named Electrotherapy, is all set to change the game’s meta. This ability establishes a healing bond between Isabel and her teammates within a 15-meter radius. Players must remain within this range to benefit from the healing effects of Electrotherapy.

With the Electrotherapy ability active, Isabel herself and her teammates will regenerate a steady 3 HP per second. Notably, this ability has a cooldown of 60 seconds, so players must use it wisely.

Isabel’s Overheal

In addition to Electrotherapy, Isabel brings forth another mechanic to the game known as Overheal. When a teammate’s HP falls below 100, Overheal is triggered, instantly granting an additional 80 HP on top of their maximum health pool.

It’s important to note that the Overheal effect is capped at 80 HP. However, Isabel possesses the ability to apply Overheal forcibly, albeit at a reduced capacity of 40 HP.

While these leaks promise interesting additions to the game which can potentially change the meta, it is important to note that the Free Fire OB44 Advanced Server is the testing server of the game, which tests the new changes coming to the game before releasing in the main version. Based on the feedback, developers may choose to refine Isabel’s mechanics for optimal balance and stability before her official release in the global version of the game.

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