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Free Fire Max: Information, download and more

Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game developed by Garena. It is a global phenomenon in the world of mobile gaming and is one of the best battle-royale games available in the market. With over 500 million downloads on Google Play Store, the game was rumored to come with a better version named Free Fire Max, and finally, we get some solid proofs of that rumors as the game is finally out and entering the closed beta testing for various regions.

What is the difference between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

This is the most asked question as the difference between these two games is barely minimum yet significant. The core of Free Fire remains the same for these two games but the main difference is that the game promises to bring a smoother and enhanced gameplay. This may not sound much but it is a big change for Free Fire as the game mechanics will now become even smoother than before. The various things like weapons, scope sights, vehicles, zone transitions, skills like glue walls and more can be expected to get a full makeover.

The big skins and character pools that defined the cosmetic side of Free Fire will also probably undergo a big change itself. The in-game sounds, game animations, and lobbies, the character designs and more are getting revamped to juice up this game to live upto its new name, to the Maximum. It is also necessary to note that Free Fire and Free Fire max are completely different games and hence, you can enter the beta testing without fear.

We have already seen how a game turns out whenever it undergoes a complete revamp. One of the most recent upgrades were seen in PUBG Mobile and it completely changed the game. The expectations from this next edition of Free Fire are thus set higher.

Where is Free Fire Max available?

Currently, the game has entered into closed beta testing in four nations. Countries like Bolivia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brazil can participate in the closed beta testing so far. Beta testing is ongoing for both android and iOS devices so far and players are invited via email once they register for the testing. Open beta testing will start soon, so just search regularly for Free Fire Max on your app stores to be able to download it as soon as possible.

How to download Free Fire Max?

As mentioned above, the game is available for only selected countries for now and you have to register for it. Here is how you can the registration:

  • Visit the Google Play registration page by clicking here.
  • Click on the “Become a Tester” button.

Once you do so, you will be directed to a page that says “Install the public version” but that won’t work as the game is just announced and not yet publicly available. Wait for some days until it is made available and same goes for iOS devices for which the information is not provided yet. It is necessary to understand that the game has entered beta testing for only limited countries so prohibit downloading the game if you belong to any other nation.

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