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Free Fire India Returns to Google Play Store

Free Fire India has resurfaced on the Google Play Store, ending a period of uncertainty that began on 2nd December 2023. Initially, the game disappeared without any warning. As of today, 8th December 2023, players can once again access Free Fire India, but the mystery behind its sudden departure and return remains, awaiting clarification from Garena.

Free Fire India’s Removal and Return to the Google Play Store

On 2nd December 2023, Free Fire India vanished from the Play Store, leaving fans anxious about the fate of the highly anticipated version of the game. The game was all set to release earlier this year, but it did not. Furthermore, Garena was also tight-lipped about the game’s potential release date. Additionally, despite the removal from Google Play Store, which caused chaos among the fanbase, Garena did not release any official statement.

The potential reason behind Free Fire India’s removal could be Google’s guidelines, which states that the game must launch within three months after it is available for pre-registration. Garena announced the Indian version of the game on 31st August, and was available to pre-register from the following day. The dates completely match the speculation. 

As of today, 8th December 2023, Free Fire India has reemerged on the Google Play Store, much to the relief of the gaming community. The sudden return raises questions about the reasons behind its initial removal and the efforts undertaken by Garena to rectify the situation.

Despite the resurgence, Garena is yet to provide an explanation for the removal and subsequent return of Free Fire India. The gaming community eagerly awaits an official statement from the publisher to shed light on the series of events that led to this rollercoaster ride. As players rejoice in the return of the game, the lingering uncertainty surrounding the reasons behind its removal leaves a cloud of curiosity.

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