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How To Play Fortnite Geoguessr: Complete Guide

Fortnite GeoGuessr is a spin-off of the popular geographical browser game GeoGuessr, where you can explore the world of Fortnite. This guide will provide instructions and tips on how to play the game.

Similar to the original GeoGuessr, in Fortnite GeoGuessr you will be dropped in a random location on the Fortnite map and must use the visual clues to determine where you are.

Fortnite Geoguessr: What Is It?

To start playing, go to https://www.whereinfortnite.com/. It’s free to play, and no account is needed. First, select the time period of Fortnite you want to play in. Then, you can customize the game by adjusting the number of rounds, adding time limits, and other settings.

There’s even a multiplayer option, where you can compete with up to 2,000 players to see who has the most knowledge of the Fortnite map.

How To Play Fortnite Geoguessr?

Once the game begins, you will be dropped off at a random location on the map. Use the camera to move around and zoom in to gather clues. When you’re ready to make a guess, use the minimap in the bottom right corner and select a location.

You’ll be shown a screen with a red pin indicating the correct location and a white pin representing your guess. Your score will be based on how close your guess is to the correct location.

Tips and Tricks To Play Fortnite Geoguessr

Want to achieve high scores in Fortnite GeoGuessr? Here are some proven strategies for success in the game:

  • One way to improve your scores in Fortnite GeoGuessr is to first identify the Biome you are in. If you see only grass and rocks, then you can rule out places in the Desert or the Mountains. This will help you quickly narrow down your options.
  • Another helpful tip is to pay attention to the box in the top right corner of the screen that displays the Chapter and Season you are in. This information can help jog your memory and give you an edge in determining your location.
  • Additionally, try to spot iconic POIs and landmarks in Fortnite. Sometimes you may be dropped in a remote area with only hills, trees, and bushes in sight, but by panning and zooming, you may be able to find a distinctive landmark that will reveal your location on the Fortnite map.
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