The week 10 challenges are now live for popular battle royale Fortnite. One of the challenges requires players to find the ‘Heart Lake’ on the map and catch a fish in there.

Many players are unaware of where the Heart Lake is, and are seen inquiring about the location of the lake on the vast map. If you’re looking to find out the location of the Heart Lake to complete your weekly challenge, you’re at the right place.

Heart Lake Map Location In Fortnite

The exact location of Heart Lake isn’t marked on the map, and that’s why finding it can be tricky.

The Heart Lake is a big pool of water located towards the upper right portion of the map. It is surrounded by Stark Industries, Steamy Stacks, and Craggy Cliffs.

The location of Heart Lake in Fortnite is marked on the map below:

How to Catch Fish in Fortnite Week 10 Challenge?

  • You need to visit one of the docks to obtain a fishing rod to be able to catch fish.
  • Once you have a rod, go to the Heart Lake, throw the bait, and wait for the fish to come.
  • Once you successfully catch a fish, your week 10 challenge will be completed.