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Fortnite Youtooz Collaboration Could Become A Reality

Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, have recently released the Chapter 5 Season 3 update. The update in itself has given us a lot to uncover and talk about. With all the new weapons, buffs, and bosses coming to the game, it looks like Fortnite is getting ready to try a new venture.

We already know that Epic Games has set a trend where it likes to collaborate with a lot of different franchises. Be it a game, movie series, athletes, or artists, Epic Games has proven that they do not shy away when it comes to collaborating with huge brands and public figures. With that being said, Fortnite seems to be heading towards a peculiar collaboration – Youtooz.

In a recent post on X from a reliable data miner @iFireMokey shared a TikTok video from Youtooz’ official account, they teased a video of Brite Bomber, a character from Fortnite pictured in the middle of an emote. This suggests that the collaboration between Youtooz and Fortnite is imminent. However, we still do not have a confirmation from Fortnite or Youtooz

If you don’t know what Youtooz is, then I’d be delighted to tell you that Youtooz is a company that has collaborated with many brands, games, social media influencers, etc., and made physical figurines for them. If Youtooz was to collaborate with Fortnite, the possibilities of available figurines would be exciting. Many fans and players have reacted positively to iFireMokey’s post on X. Some have even tried to urge Fortnite to make this collaboration a reality.

Having said this, if this collaboration was to come to reality, the potential this collaboration holds is unimaginable and it would be exciting to see what Fortnite would create out of this. As mentioned earlier, we are yet to see any confirmation from Youtooz and Fortnite.

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