Players getting 4 million XP by exploiting the Fortnite XP glitch

Fortnite x Destiny Collab

A Fortnite glitch is letting players acquire more than 4 million XP instantly. Apparently, a Discord bot is giving players such massive XP and many players are exploiting this glitch.

Already, the Fortnite community is aware of the Fortnite x Discord collaboration on which both parties are working. It may become the reason behind the glitch. As more players are exploiting it, Epic Games may impose a ban on those players.

The Fortnite XP glitch provides a total of 4.7 million XP. Therefore, players can earn up to 58 Battle Pass levels in Season 4 while 80,000 XP is needed for every level.

Literally, anyone can exploit this glitch as it is quite straightforward. Players just need to join the AF Facility Discord server and log in with their respective Epic Games accounts. Then type /rr claim in the server chat. Instantly, the players will start receiving the rewards.

There are a lot of rewards to earn using this glitch. Let’s take a look:

  • 4.7 million XP
  • Freshly Forged Wrap
  • Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe
  • Fiery Descent Glider
  • Sypher’s Mask Emoticon
  • Oni Ascension Loading Screen
  • Sparkecake Spray
  • Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling
  • Celebratory Slice Pickaxe

Even though the developers haven’t confirmed yet if they will ban the players or not, the popular Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR has something to say about it.

As far as I can see, Epic’s stance on whether or not today’s XP glitch is bannable is still undecided. At least, that’s what I understand about the situation after asking an Epic Games employee about it.

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