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Fortnite Shutting Down in 2023? Explained

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular battle royale games on the internet right now, with millions of players tuning into the title each day to enjoy one of the many game modes available to play in the Epic Games title.

Recently, Fortnite fans throughout the globe were taken aback when a series of rumors started surfacing on social media platforms claiming that the battle royale would be shut down in 2023. This has led many Fortnite fans to wonder whether those rumors have any truth to them.

Let’s take a moment to check whether the rumors of Fortnite shutting down in 2023 are true or just an elaborate hoax that has taken over social media platforms over the past few weeks.

Fortnite Shutting Down in 2023: Rumors

It should come as no surprise that Fortnite is perhaps the most popular title on the Epic Games platform, which is why it’s obvious that these claims of Fortnite shutting down in 2023 are nothing more than hoaxes.

If you’re a Fortnite player, you have no reason to worry. Rest assured, Fortnite isn’t coming to an end anytime in the near future.

Readers are advised to follow the official Fortnite Twitter handle for news and updates regarding the game and its server status. News and pictures from other sources or users might be easily photoshopped or edited to spread false rumors on the internet.

That’s everything you need to know about the rumors involving Fortnite shutting down in 2023.

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