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Fortnite Reveals Removed Locations in Chapter 5 Season 3

Fortnite has set a trend where it likes to make changes to its Battle Royale map with every seasonal update. This is done to keep the game fresh and engaging for the players. With the launch of Chapter 5 Season 3 being on the horizon, the gaming community was left speculating as to what kind of changes Fortnite was planning to bring to the game. Thankfully, we now have the answer you were looking for.

A screenshot shared in a post by the X user @NotPaloleaks has been making rounds in the Fortnite community. The screenshot shows Fortnite ES sharing an image on their WhatsApp Community chat depicting four locations and asking everyone to vote on which of those locations will be missed the most.

Here are the locations mentioned by Fortnite ES:

  • Mount Olympus
  • Fencing Fields
  • The Underworld
  • Ruined Reels

Since Fortnite ES asked which location will be “missed,” it is safe to assume that the locations mentioned above are going to be removed and some new locations are going to be introduced to the game. No information is known further as Fortnite is yet to release a detailed announcement.

We already know that the Battle Royale map will be affected by an imminent sandstorm as seen in the Fortnite x Fallout Teaser. There is no way to know the exact changes at the moment but we can certainly say that Fortnite is known to justify the changes they make to the map. Locations don’t just vanish into thin air, they will have a story behind why it was removed. It would be exciting to see what kind of story is Fortnite trying to spin here.

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