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Fortnite Balance Changes and Weapon Update – April 15

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Fortnite is a game that has been quite popular in the multiplayer battle royale space. Although it does require updates in the game to keep their players excited.

The update includes all the Balance changes and the weapon rebalances which also fixes the issue with accessing the map in replays.

All the update changes are mentioned below

  • Doubled Crafting Parts in floor loot stacks
  • Makeshift AR & Revolver accuracy
  • Bow headshot dmg and arrow speed
  • Recycler junk bomb speed
  • Primal Pistol dmg and fire rate
  • Stats for all SMGs
  • Equalized Primal and Classic weapon drop rates to be more evenly spread out alongside Makeshift weapons

They also tweeted about a patch just for the PC players to help with server stability and improving the stability. Epic Games are still working on the bugs that the players are still facing in the game. 

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