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Epic Permanently Removes Trios From Fortnite

Epic Games has made an exciting announcement regarding Fortnite, revealing that the Trios team size will be permanently removed to pave the way for the game’s highly anticipated Ranked mode. This decision marks a significant shift in the gameplay dynamics of Fortnite, aligning it with popular titles like Apex Legends, which has embraced Trios matchmaking since its inception.

Ever since its introduction during Chapter 2 Season 5, Trios mode has captured the hearts of Fortnite players, becoming a standard choice for cash cups and tournaments due to its immense popularity within the competitive scene. However, with this year’s FNCS opting for Duos, Fortnite has made a bold move by introducing Ranked Play and bidding farewell to Trios mode.

Epic Games’ decision to eliminate Trios mode has caught many amateurs off guard, as the focus now shifts towards creating a level playing field for competitive play, balancing the opportunities for both professional and casual players. This change comes as part of the monumental v24.40 update, which not only introduces Ranked mode but also marks the first substantial overhaul of Fortnite’s lobby system since the introduction of Trios back in 2019.

The ranked mode will offer an array of team sizes, including Solo, Duos, and Squads for Battle Royale, while Zero Build mode will feature Duos. Moreover, the arrival of Ranked mode also brings the news that Arena mode, previously a prerequisite for tier-based competitive events, will be replaced entirely. With the new Ranked Play system, players from all skill levels will have an equal chance to compete, setting the stage for intriguing long-term results.

Epic Games’ recent announcement heralds a significant transformation in Fortnite’s competitive landscape, with the permanent removal of Trios mode to make way for the highly anticipated Ranked mode. This decision aims to level the playing field and provide equal opportunities for both casual and professional players. Fortnite players can now embark on a new journey filled with excitement and challenges as they explore the possibilities of Ranked Play.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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