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Fortnite x Destiny Collaboration Coming Soon In Fortnite Chapter 3

Epic and Bungie are onto a secret collaboration where we will see famous characters from Destiny Universe coming soon to Fortnite as playable characters.

Just recently, Epic dropped one of the biggest anime crossover updates in the game’s history after the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover went live earlier this week.

Epic brought the highly popular series to the game with four fan-favorite characters — Goku, Vegeta,  Bulma, and Beerus. In addition to the Dragon Ball characters loads of new dragon ball themed items, game mode, and power-ups. 

Fortnite x Destiny collab

While the Dragon Ball update is still afresh, many fans are looking for the next big collaboration that many leakers have been talking about recently. Right after the Dragon ball update went live on August 16th, news of the Fortnite x Destiny crossover started circulating on Twitter.

Fortnite leaker, MidaRado, recently tweeted out that a new collab would be coming to Fortnite next week which may feature characters from Doom, Family Guy, or The Lord of the Rings. Later in a follow-up tweet, he added that Destiny could also be among the possible feature drop coming next week. 

While Mida floated the idea of four different series, a further vote of confidence about Fortnite x Destiny came when famous leaker, HYPEX, shared the information that a Destiny 2 collab will “most likely” happen next.

Fortnite x Destiny collab Release Date

While there was no release date or concept art found by the leakers, it is highly possible that Destiny 2 will be featured within Chapter 3 Season 3 time.

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