Fortnite World Cup

Epic has decided to drop the Fortnite World Cup along with all other live events for the year 2021. Given the situation of LAN events around the world, this is the least surprising announcement heading into the next year.

In their latest blog post, Epic confirmed that all live events heading into 2021 have been put to a halt for obvious reasons. Epic Games are concerned about the health and safety of the staff and fans, which will inevitably be put at risk when attending LAN events. Fortnite events pull fans in abundance, no major Epic event has gone by with unsold tickets. Thus, expecting a huge crowd, Epic has called off the 2021 Fortnite World Cup.

“FNCS will continue throughout 2021, and we are standardizing the FNCS party size to Trios for the foreseeable future! While Trios will be a constant in FNCS, we still may alter the scoring and/or qualification formats season by season. Our hope with this change is to place more stability and consistency around FNCS.” read the statement.

This might come as a hard to swallow a pill for the fans, however, this was anticipated by everyone. Epic is not the first developer to call off their event; for the majority of 2021, every competitive game has resorted to online matches rather than LAN for tournaments.

“With competitive playlists, the new Bars system will reset players to 0 Bars at the start of each match, and these Bars cannot be carried over between competitive matches” expressed Epic regarding their future plans with Chapter 2, Season 5. They further added that they are working on a strategy to apply this to the competitive mode without having a negative impact on it.

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