Photo: Fnatic

Marius “Veigar v2” Aune – the (now former) coach for Fnatic’s League of Legends team – had joined Fnatic in early 2020. He had also previously coached for multiple other League of Legends teams. Aune has been in the League of Legends scene as an analyst and coach for almost two years now. Little did he know that his extremely controversial past would suddenly appear out of nowhere and shatter his place in the professional world of esports.

A thread that has surfaced on Twitter recently captures screenshots of Aune ‘DDoS’ing his League of Legends teammates while in-game.

A lot of other people seemed to have similar experiences with the Norwegian analyst and coach, as they started sharing their screengrabs one by one in the replies showcasing Aune ‘DDoS’ing people.

But this wasn’t the end of it, in fact, Aune could only wish it was the end of it since the replies soon turned from seemingly harmless DDoS attacks’ screengrabs to screenshots of him harassing others, especially women and using abhorrent language towards strangers.

But what acted as the final catalyst towards Fnatic’s decision was some remarks he had made towards an 8-year-old girl back in 2018. He made blatant pedophilic comments about the young girl and even made obscene remarks to her in her private messages. The screenshots of the messages and tweets from Aune were shared by the older sister of the victim of the verbally harassed girl through a tweet that has now been deleted.

Fnatic were swift to declare that Aune would be fired from the Fnatic roster due to his “extremely concerning” messages. They made it clear that those messages were sent “prior to his association with Fnatic.” They concluded their tweet by saying “We have immediately severed all ties with this individual” without naming Aune.

Aune has later posted a clarification on the incident from his side through a tweet and how much he regrets everything that happened.

He has mentioned that he was “16-17 Years old” and was “involved with a disgusting group of people.”

He further claimed that he’s not the same person anymore – “At the end of 2018 i started to grow up and realised how fucked everything ive done in the past was and i wanted to leave it all behind me, i removed myself from the people that influenced me.”

He ended his apology by saying, “I now look back on these actions with shame and disbelief.”

It goes without saying that an apology isn’t enough for something as disgusting as what he has done and the incident is more than likely to leave a scar on his professional career for the rest of his life.