Fnatic star Robin “flusha” Rönnquist has been penalized financially along 120 hours of community service for tax evasion by Attunda district court.

flusha is no stranger to cheating allegations in-game; a career built around cheating allegations throughout his glory days and backed with a shady past makes any allegations all the more convincing for a non-insider. flusha’s winnings over course of 2015 are reported as salary to save on taxation by design. In Sweden any tournament winnings are taxed at a higher scale than employees. 

According to reports flusha skipped on SEK 1,041,536 in his tax report for 2015. He said he was careless with the tax reporting for which the afformentioned sum went under the radar for the authorities. flusha will be handed a tax surcharge of 40% of the money that went without taxation which amounts to SEK 200,000.

The Swede also faced a possibility of four months of jail time but the courts has ordered him to complete 120 hours of community service and donate SEK 860 to the Swedish Crime Victim Fund.