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Five Short Stories On Streamers And Big Money

Donating giant amounts of cash to different content creators has become a common hobby for a lot of people: they donate thousands of dollars to support their beloved streamers or just to see his/her reaction. However, there are some cases, when such significant donations have their own unique stories, some of which are not only interesting and funny but also impactful.

In association with DeStream.net, we bring to you the five inspiring stories.

Blessed with Lucky Sevens

In 2016, a Russian streamer Kirill “VJLink” Zyryanov received a huge amount of $12000 with a single donation. This story is as dramatic, as his reaction:

Kirill is a super-extraordinary personality. He sometimes does such crazy stuff on his streams, that you may even think he’s an alien.  But what is the most surprising thing about him, is that VJLink streams since the very start of Twitch and nobody got a chance to see him in a wilted state. There were a lot of different moments over the past years. Good times, bad times, ups and downs, but nothing could break VJLink’s stubbornness. Nothing… except for one day.

That day he was streaming in some flaccid state, and after another loss in Dota 2 match, Kirill burst through. He started to cry, calling himself “a useless loser”. His fans were shocked. Unlike the cocky and confident youngster with vulgar behavior and nasty character, VJLink appeared genuinely broken and lost.

It was a real tragedy.

But as the legends say “there comes the Dovahkiin”. The Dragonborn of this story has become a very generous viewer with the nickname “Starik”. He made a single donation of a giant amount of 777,777 rubles ($12000) with words: “You’re not a loser, Kirill! Thank you for your work! Wish you success!” After that, it was VJLink’s turn to get shocked. He was sitting motionless for almost 2 minutes, just staring at the screen, and only tears were flowing from his eyes. During those 2 minutes, other viewers joined Starik and started encouraging and donating to Kirill. The situation turned upside down: he started crying even harder, but this time because of happiness.

Community Is Not Just A Word:

In April 2017, a streamer with a tiny audience of 5000 subscribers Adam “Lo0p” Bahriz got a giant donation. He received $6000 from another streamer – Sparkles. Besides, Adam received thousands of dollars from the compassionate community in that period.

The story was as follows: Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy type 2, or simply HSAN 2 – a very serious and dangerous disease. Adam has it. He is almost blind and deaf, he doesn’t feel pain at all, his nose is heavily damaged (a big part of it got removed), and he got a lot of teeth removed.

Despite all, Adam’s CS:GO playing skill is so high, that he managed to reach the Rank B in ESEA (E-Sports Entertainment Association) which is a great and very difficult achievement for even able-bodied people.

As they say, the video game community is bipolar.

Especially the CS:GO community. At the beginning of his next match, Adam graciously notified his teammates that in general he’s got some problems with pronunciation and verbal contact due to his disease. He wasn’t understood that day: Lo0p’s teammates started to bully him and call him “a troll”. Moreover, soon they kicked him out of the match. To say that Adam was upset is to say nothing.

After this obnoxious incident, one of Adam’s viewers wrote about it on Reddit. And Reddit just exploded:

Thousands of people went on to Lo0p’s Twitch channel and started donating and inspiring him. The number of his followers jumped from 5K to nearly 100K. Adam was even invited to EnvyUs – prestigious esports team as a streamer. Meanwhile, Twitch shared some of his highlights, like doing aces. Thanks to these, by the end of the day, Adam got 5000 active viewers on his channel. Lo0p received thousands of dollars from a lot of caring people. However, the streamer “Sparkles” was the most distinguished of them. In his YouTube video, Sparkles donated $6000 with a single donation and said: “For the surgery. Respect from CS:GO community!”  

In 2017 Adam Bahriz got his first eye surgery and was able to pay for college and travel back to his homeland – Algeria. “Honestly all these donations have given me, a 17-year-old, a level of financial security that I cannot even begin to fathom,”  – Were Adam’s words about it. So, they say, the video game community is bipolar. 

A Prank For A Million?

1,400,000 rubles – almost $22000. This was the amount, that was donated to a popular Russian streamer Vladimir “Bratishkinoff” Bratishkin (not the real surname) by his friend Sergey “Adamson”. Or not? This story is sad and funny at the same time.

Due to several difficulties, In 2016 Vladimir was living in his friend’s flat for a couple of days. Also, he continued streaming via Sergey’s computer in order not to keep off his schedule. After Bratishkin went back home, Adamson noticed, that his friend forgot about logging out from his donating platform account. And this is where the insidious plan was born.

Adamson has called one of his friends like “Hey, I have a great idea!”. After that, these two have decided to turn on a video-capture program and started sending test-donations to Vladimir. After the first 10,000 rubles, Bratishkin cracked up. The streamer was very surprised and happy. Seeing this, Adamson even started repeatedly saying: “Vova, man, forgive me. I’m so sorry, bro.”  The passion was rising with every minute. Bratishkin has even broken his glass from an overabundance of feelings after the sum has reached 160 000 rubles. The streamer started to jump and run all over the room after 200 000. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, Vova.” – kept saying Sergey.

On 260 000 Bratishkin started to realize that there is something wrong. A couple of donations later Adamson sent him 1 000 000 rubles ($15 500) with “Hello from Adamson! It’s a prank bro!” words. “I was pranked, okay, I was pranked!” – Said the streamer and started to laugh. Vladimir continued his stream as if nothing had happened. But all of us understand that at least Vova felt a bit sad.

On his YouTube channel, Sergey said that Bratishkin didn’t feel offended. Vova even said that he is thankful for the great emotions Adamson delivered to him. So, everything is ok, and guys are good friends until today. Everything is okay, except for the broken glass.

We have a video of Adamson donating fake money to Bratishkin. It is in Russian, but you don’t need to know the Russian to understand what’s happening here. (The timecode for donations: 2:14).


He Deserved It

This year was special for a streamer known as “Exotic Chaotic” on Twitch. He received an immense amount of $75000 from another streamer and his friend, who donated him under the “KingMascot” nickname.

“Exotic Chaotic” is a streamer who is delved into Fortnite. He works on collecting every Skin available in the game. Chaotic has played almost with every pro Fortnite player and celebrities like Ninja and Tfue.

The streamer has just started his another Fortnite match when $75000 alert box notified about the donation world record. The donator was another content creator and Chaotic’s friend KingMascot, who decided that the streamer totally deserves that money.

When the alert box appeared, Chaotic was talking about something. Shocked and distrustful at the same time, he was trying to both talk, react, and check his PayPal account. So, his reaction was funny and genuinely chaotic. After the streamer made sure money wasn’t fake, he still needed almost 10 minutes to completely realize it.

The reason why KingMascot donated Exotic Chaotic so much money was that Chaotic was not in the best financial conditions at that time. KingMascot was sure, that his friend definitely deserved the cash:

“Known him for over a year. Hasn’t been in the best spot for money his whole life. He deserves it more than anyone. So he can get a new place for his girlfriend and 4-year-old child!” – Said KingMascot about his friend.

Watching this video down below, you can see and try to feel all the emotions that Exotic Chaotic felt.

Insidious Love:

We live in an era, where sexism is nothing but much of an archaic remnant of the past centuries. But for some people, sexism has become a weapon which they use in every tricky situation. This year, a female streamer Devon “B00blesxd” received $12000 in a short period from her fan who had “Disruptedorder” nickname. And here is what happened next:

Shortly before, Devon had participated in a popular twitch show called “TheRajjchelor”. After that, she started accusing one of her top-donators of making sexist insults against her. As you may have guessed, this top-donator was Disruptedorder.

“He’s saying to me: ‘This slut s*** is unattractive. The cocaine s*** is unattractive. Your attitude is s***. You need to grow the f*** up.”<…> this is a guy that donates to my f***ing stream and think he is entitled  to s***!” -Said Devon about Disruptedorder.

You can watch her full speech in the video below.

After these words on July 10, she got banned on Twitch. On July 11 B00blesxd tried to explain on her Twitter, that the reason for the ban was her outfit, not her ardent speech:

So, the girl was offended by her top donator, the girl answered to this offense. The end. Disruptedorder has become out of order. Everything is clear…until this moment:

On July 11 the donator posted a series of screenshots to Reddit, where it is clearly visible that the main part of the money was a loan, not a donation:

Apparently, B00ble was manipulating her fan: asking for multiple loans for a medical cure and some other mysterious reasons, promising to pay him back and confessing love to him.

After these, Devon started to claim that these photos are fake, but, on July 11,  a new Reddit post called “The Truth about Boobles Top Donator” appeared. This post leads to a giant series of screenshots that are telling a short story about B00ble’s and her top donator’s arduous relationship.

And even now the story didn’t end. On the same day, Devon posted a video on Twitter, where Disruptedorder allegedly confesses faking the chat in order not to lose his face. Despite, the majority of people didn’t believe B00ble. At the same time, “The Truth about” Reddit post gets updated with some explanations:

“At the moment Boobles is manipulating this poor guy more into forcing him to DM her that he faked the screenshots. I just talked to Boobles and Disrupted, he says he doesn’t want her job to be ruined and that’s why he DMed her on twitter saying the screenshots are faked.”

This was the final part of the story. And in the end, the question arises: Did it become a widespread mental disease when fans are donating vast amounts of money to female streamers hoping for a romantic relationship? We all should think about it because such nasty stories are becoming more and more common day by day.

These were our five cases when donations had unusual and sometimes instructive stories behind them. It is very generous when people support their beloved content creator. But let’s not forget a simple truth: unhealthy love is just another way for self-destruction.

And finally, let me tell you more about DeStream, which is a philanthropic platform focused on providing new experiences and aimed to eliminate borders between viewers and content creators.

If you’re a streamer or wish to become a streamer, they have great tools to ease your job and help you become unique and attractive. For more detailed information visit their website: www.destream.net

Martin Harutyunyan
Martin Harutyunyanhttp://www.talkesport.com
Author, political scientist and sportsman, Martin always was a huge fan of video games. He sincerely believes that video game development is a form of art, and treats developers accordingly. He is a meticulous completionist in any sphere of life, and video games are not an exception. “I don’t play games, I savor the art of immersion to another reality” - always says Martin about his hobby. Gaming gives him the muse that each of us needs sometimes.


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