First Look Of Dr. Disrespect’s FPS Game Deadrop Released

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Respected streamer and now a game developer, Dr. Disrespect has finally revealed the first look at Midnight Studio’s upcoming FPS game called Deadrop. Previously known as “Project Moon”, Deadrop is a vertical extraction shooter (VES) game that incorporates the use of non-fungible tokens or NFT.

Last week on Friday, Dr. Disrespect hosted a live event in Los Angeles where he revealed more details about “Deadrop” and unveiled the first look at the game. Disrespect had invited industry insiders to the event which also included some known esports organizations.

If you’ve played games like Escape from Tarkov or Hunt: Showdown, then the upcoming game from Dr. Disrespect is going to feel extremely similar. However, Deadrop will be different from other games mentioned above due to its “vertical” twist and closed space combat. Instead of running around on an open map like Tarkov or Hunt, players have to face off against each other in the ruins of massive buildings. 

Aside from the above difference, the game will also be the first to feature NFTs build right into the game. For months now the Founders Pass NFTs have been on sale. Those who purchased the Founders Pass NFTs had early access to the game when it was called “Project Moon”.

While the Founders Pass NFTs have all sold out (or maybe pulled down), according to Midnight Society new ‘Deadrop’ NFTs are still coming and will give access to future closed betas. 

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