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FIFAe launches new esports women’s inclusivity program FAMEHERGAME

FIFAe today launched FAMEHERGAME – a new women’s program that aims to increase visibility and build grassroots opportunities while creating a safe space for women competing in the FIFAe ecosystem.

Member associations across the globe are being empowered to run dedicated boot camps to provide unique chances for women to join FIFAe and build local communities. One nominated player from each member association taking part in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ will be invited to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp hosted by FIFAe in mid-2023.

At the boot camp, players will receive coaching sessions and compete against each other, with the top two players winning an invitation to the tournament in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand later this year.

Interested players can now join the FAMEHERGAME Discord channel to become part of the initiative.

The program is built on research conducted with women in the scene at the FIFAe Finals 2022 and aims to break down boundaries that women face in the community and competitive scene.

Speaking about the initiative, Fabienne Morlok, one of the leading women on the scene, said: “Esports is for everyone, and it’s time to showcase our skills to the world! With FIFAe’s support, we are looking forward to developing the women’s game and inspiring the next generation of aspiring players. I’m calling all women out there to join us in writing history and challenging the status quo.”

Member associations from across the globe such as France, Morocco, and South Africa have already joined the initiative and will nominate one player to join the boot camp in the coming months. In addition, FIFAe will work closely with league partners such as the ECL – one of the leading FIFA esports organizations for women – to tell the stories of women throughout the entire year to help create new role models within the community, as well invite the best players from the respective leagues to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp.

FIFAe is a platform where everyone can take part, compete on the highest level, and fame their game on the biggest stage. We believe that by increasing opportunities for women, we can help build a more diverse and inclusive esports environment together with the community

Adrian Rölli, Head of eFootball at FIFA

Elite-level players from member associations and league partners will also be offered various support for coaching, content creation, and other topics during a trip to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp. To conclude the boot camp, participants will compete in a high-stakes tournament with an exclusive trip to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Aotearoa New Zealand, and Australia in prospect for the top two competitors.

FAMEHERGAME is based on the belief that both men and women can compete at the highest level in FIFA esports. FIFAe is dedicated to creating an environment where anybody can become a hero and unlock their full potential, regardless of gender or background.

According to FIFA, further activations around the FAMEHERGAME campaign and the Good Game Promise will be launched throughout the year.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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