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FIFA To Partner With 2K For Future Games: Rumors

After ending their 30-year partnership with EA, it appears that FIFA may explore a new collaboration with 2K for their forthcoming football games.

Rumors circulating online suggest that FIFA is considering joining forces with the creators of the acclaimed NBA 2K series to develop their next lineup of football simulation titles.

The speculation initially surfaced following a tweet by Twitter user ‘Zuby_Tech,’ known for previously leaking images related to the PlayStation Portal.

However, the Tweet doesn’t shed light on whether the development of the upcoming FIFA title has already begun. Last year, FIFA President Gianni Infantino notably announced that updates on licensed games were on the horizon, with FIFA 25 poised to become the inaugural title challenging EA’s FC franchise.

As EA Sports FC 24 continues to garner widespread popularity among sports enthusiasts worldwide, fans eagerly anticipate FIFA’s potential innovation to rival EA’s stronghold in football gaming.

Do note that the partnership between 2K and FIFA is merely speculation at the time of writing, and neither party has yet received official confirmation. So remember to take this news with a grain of salt.

Sonu Banerjee
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