FIFA 23 Release date and time

2022’s iteration of FIFA is about to drop, with the developer Electronic Arts promising improvements in all areas of the game, even though fans were not impressed by their previous promises.

EA Sports will release the last ever football simulation game under the FIFA banner after which they will independently produce the game. Their relationship with FIFA has been crucial in keeping the game a step ahead of their competition,i.e. PES.

With that coming to an end and the 2022 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, FIFA 23 will be a very iconic game. The pre-order figures were impressive, to say the least, however, being released in a World Cup year will also be a point to be noted.

FIFA 23 Release date and time?

FIFA 23 is set to be released in India on the 30th of September 2022, however good news for those who pre-ordered, all pre-ordered copies of the game will be available 3 days earlier i.e. from 12:00AM on 27th September.

FIFA 23 has promised improvements in more areas than one, primarily, improved game mechanics, better visuals, motion, women’s clubs, and left-footed skill moves. All of these combine for a spicy Football simulation game.

From the clips released so far, FIFA 23 is on its way to being a really promising release in a franchise that has disappointed in recent years. EA Sports were under fire and a large part of the community believed them to be repacking the same game year after year with little to no visual changes. With FIFA 23, fans can expect realistic graphics, faces, textures, and lighting to bring the simulation to life.

The community has loved the game so far, with it getting into more hands by tomorrow, it will definitely be a day for EA Sports to keep an eye on how the masses will react to the last ever FIFA.