There occurred a sequence of awful affairs in the month of May which finally led to Fierce Tiger disbanding it’s CS:GO squad. At first, Fierce Tiger qualified for CS:GO Asia Championship by beating VG.Flash 2-0 in the upper-bracket. Few days later, on May 19, Kun “LEo” Hou was handed VAC ban by Valve and Perfect World. This led to Fierce Tiger getting disqualified from the CS:GO Asia Championship and Kun was banned from all Valve and Perfect World associated events.

In the meanwhile, Fierce Tiger had already reached semi-finals of the Chinese Qualifiers for the Asian Minor. Due to LEo’s VAC ban, Fierce Tiger fielded in an unknown player nicknamed ‘tbgirl’ against ROAR and won 2-0. Eventually, Fierce Tiger encountered VG.Flash in the best-of-three finals of Chinese Qualifier for Asia Minor but the latter forfeited the match since their internet was sabotaged. FACEIT announced a re-match between VG.Flash and Fierce Tiger but Fierce Tiger didn’t accept the organizer’s decision since their squad went on a vacation. FACEIT further investigated about ‘tbgirl’ and found out a link between LEo and tbgirl. This incident led to disqualification of Bin “Savage” Liu and co. from the qualifiers.

In less than a span of fifteen days, Fierce Tiger were disqualified from two events which finally led to the disbandment. Fierce Tiger, through it’s Weibo handle, announced that all their players except Kun “LEo” Hou are free-agents with immediate effect and they can pursue their professional career elsewhere. Although, Kun is still under contract with Fierce Tiger.

Free agents:

BingYuan “tb” Li
QingYu “Monster” Deng
Zhen “HZ” Huang
Bin “Savage” Liu