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FaZe defeat NiP to win BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen

FaZe Clan takedown Ninjas In Pyjamas to win the Blast event and they did that in a stunning fashion. FaZe reached the Finals only dropping a single map against Liquid at their last fixture in the group stage while NIP reached there losing only to FaZe and NaVi.

FaZe Clan having previously faced NIP in Dust 2 earlier today were confident going into the match while NIP secured their spot in the Blast World Finals as they secured their top 5 finish in this event. The veto started with NIP picking Nuke, followed by Dust 2 for FaZe and Inferno was left for the decider.

Nuke being a CT sided map didn’t yield the expected results for FaZe as they started on the defence, after winning three rounds straight the momentum made a massive shift towards the side of the Swedes as they earned most rounds after that and edged out FaZe with a 7-8 scoreline favouring them. When things went over to the offensive side for FaZe. The new kid on the block, Helvijs “broky” Saukants showed some exceptional AWPing to push them forward, and after constant shifting of momentum when FaZe were just 2 rounds behind to force overtime, they took a timeout when Coldzera seemed to be very vocal giving specific instructions to his teammates. Whatever Coldzera said did the trick for FaZe as they pushed overtime. While they only managed 1 round in the T side of OT, but their tight defence bailed them out to win the map.

Nuke was followed by Dust 2, where NIP were run over by the international roster. FaZe started their pick on the defensive side, as they kicked things off with a pistol round loss but they went back on the board quickly with a force buy win. Force buys have been so effective for FaZe through the entirety of the tournament which they have won for the most parts, shifting the economic advantage completely. They secured a 5-1 lead before Ninjas were back in control. The match showed us some embarrassing teamkills from both sides. FaZe closed the first half with a single round lead before they went to the offence where they have looked on point. The second half was all FaZe Clan till Simon “twist” Eliasson showed up with a 1v2 pistol round clutch. FaZe were trying out different starts through the game, keeping NIP guessing. The Swedes did good job but not good enough to win the trophy. FaZe Clan found a 2v4 situation between them and a huge victory in Copenhagen when star duo Coldzera and NiKo still alive and their excellent coordination while playing off each other saw them share two kills between them to close out the map and hoist the trophy.


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