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FaZe Clan Win ESL Pro League Season 15

FaZe Clan emerged victorious at ESL Pro League Season 15’s Grand Final vs ENCE. Karrigan and co. won out the series 3-1, a little different than their previous tournament win, at IEM Katowice 2022 where the score was 3-0 in the Best of 5 Final.

After starting the group stage with 2 losses, FaZe barely survived to make it through to the playoffs. But once there, they beat the biggest names such as Players, Natus Vincere and FURIA in the knockouts before taking care of ENCE in the Grand Final.


1. ENCE removed Inferno 

2. FaZe removed Nuke 

3. ENCE picked Vertigo 

4. FaZe picked Overpass 

5. ENCE picked Mirage 

6. FaZe picked Dust2 

7. Ancient was left over

MAP 1 – Vertigo

FaZe Clan 16-11 ENCE

FaZe Clan surprised everyone by letting Vertigo fly instead of banning it, as they have done all tournament long. They started on the CT side and managed to snag 7 rounds, courtesy of veteran ‘rain’ who went 13-9 on the defence. ENCE pounced on the opening duels vs karrigan and got up to 8 rounds as the sides switched.

ENCE started their CT side on the right foot, winning 3 of the first 4 rounds as the score was 11-8. T side Vertigo is never easy but karrigan called a brilliant T side, coupled with multi kills from old mate rain to win 8 of the last 9 rounds, dismantling ENCE’s CT setups and taking the map 16-11.

MAP 2  – Overpass

FaZe Clan 17-19` ENCE

Overpass was a much closer affair, despite it being the pick of FaZe. Starting on the T side, Twistzz and co. were made to sweat. After the initial flurry of 4 rounds after the pistol loss, FaZe lost the moment and found it hard to get past hades’ AWP and Spinx’s brilliant rifle work.

A 10-5 deficit saw FaZe switch to the CT side, where they equalised the score immediately with 5 of their own. ENCE finally got their much needed first T round courtesy of a 1v2 from hades. Their second round came 3 rounds later when they were down 13-11, yet again at the hands of hades.

ENCE had map point first but an aggressive call from karrigan saw FaZe fight back and force OT. In overtime, FaZe got 2 CT rounds but 1 T round was all ENCE needed as they mounted a flawless defence to shut down any hijinks from Twistzz and broky as the map ended 19-17 in ENCE’s favour.

More to follow…

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