fanobet banned in US

The mega esports betting website which goes by the name Fanobet banned in the US under UIGEA code of conduct under the LAW acts of the US which prohibits illegal betting.

Fanobet banned

Fanobet banned

Shortly after rumored frauds circulated by the betting website were getting exposure. The betting website now is no longer operational in the US. People visiting the website or trying to register on the same are now getting error message on the webpage which reads:

“Due to the law of the US (UIEGA). We are not allowed to accept users coming from this location.

Along with the webscreen message, people have also tried to interact and shoot their questions to the support team of Fanobet, which also confirmed the alleged alteration. And were strong on the change, owning the fact that this change is not directed from their end, but the Government of the US.

Since the very beginning of the never ending debate among the community, the question always has been how long will these betting and gambling websites will go unseen? This is the most feasible medium of storing the black and unaccounted money virtually without being scrutinized by the authorities. US has begun eliminating such activities and it is not a long way when India would also ban these betting websites which also acts as a black money virtual currency generation tool.