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Fan turns Pokimane into a Fortnite skin

The Twitch star was thoroughly impressed by the amount of work put into the skin.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is one of the most iconic female streamers in Twitch. She is one of the most followed streamers in the world with a following of 5.3 million fans on Twitch and 5.5 million on YouTube. Her huge fan following is the result of her cheerful personality on stream and regular engagement with her audience.

On August 1st, the star streamer received quite a surprise when she took a look at the Fortnite skin which a viewer had created for her, and it turned out to exceed her expectations.

The feature that impressed Pokimane the most about the skin was its hair. “It’s so hard to render hair like mine,” Poki said while expressing how amazed she was with the hair. The joggers on the skin too, caught her eye. “The joggers are exactly how the Poki joggers are,” she stated.

Photo: D3NNI

Pokimane also showed a second skin which the fan had made for her. The second skin uses the same facial features and hair as the first one but is equipped with a different outfit which consists of a blue top and a black skirt. “It’s like my Youtooz but with a skirt instead of leggings,” Poki said. “This is insanely well made.”

Pokimane also explained her interests on being able to use these fan-made skins in the actual game, which you can’t currently do in Fortnite.

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