F1 enters into Mobile Esports with a new Racing Tournament

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Formula One Esports announced their entry into the booming market of mobile esports with a new mobile championship. Since their debut in 2017, F1 Esports is set to hold their first exclusive smartphone-based championship on F1 Mobile Racing, the official F1 mobile game.

F1 Esports announced their entire league of esports tournaments named as F1 Esports Series 2020. The F1 Mobile Esports Tournament is entirely different than the series but the finale will be held during the same timeline.

Formula One entered into esports back in 2017 by announcing a programme called as F1 Esports Series. The programme was announced to involve official F1 Racing game and its community to provide a new avenue for greater engagement with the sport of Formula 1.

Later in 2018, the official teams participating in Formula 1 set up their own esports teams to compete for this title. This year, F1 takes another big step to venture into mobile gaming market with an opportunity for anyone around the world to win the first ever mobile champion title.

credits: F1 Esports

The tournament will be held in monthly league format from September to November. The tournament is open-for-all type and anyone with a mobile phone and F1 Mobile Racing app can participate in it.

The players who are able to qualify for the finals will compete in a nine day long tournament to determine the first ever “F1 Mobile Racing Esports Champion.” The official game for Android and Apple Stores are available on their official website.

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