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EZ4ENCE becomes the fourth most streamed song after IEM Katowice

The track “EZ4ENCE (kannatuslaulu)” by The Verkkars is at No. 4 on Spotify’s Top 50 for the country of Finland. It has over 46,000 daily plays after it was played when ENCE came to the main stage before their final match against Astralis in IEM Katowice.

The song comes in at #4 for Finland, beating songs from popular singer Ariana Grande called “7 rings” and “break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored

Unfortunately, the team was not able to achieve the historic feat of upsetting the best team in the world. Astralis won the final 2-0 in convincing fashion, securing their third Major win and second-consecutive title.

Photo by: HLTV

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