Ted “silkthread” Wang is an ex-Overwatch pro who used to play in the Overwatch league for team Los Angeles Gladiators. Back in 2018, during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, silkthread found himself amid trouble after making a tweet about Pepe the frog.

Silkthread said in his tweet, “Does anyone else love Pepe the frog?” While this tweet may be seemingly harmless at first, the Overwatch League fined silkthread a sum of $1,000 for that tweet, claiming that it violated the “spirit of diversity” of the Overwatch League.

Recently, the 21-year-old ex-Overwatch pro has finally revealed to his fans on his Twitch stream, the contents of the email which was sent to him by Overwatch League at that time.

“Your comments violate the spirit of diversity and inclusiveness that makes Overwatch great,” the email read. “Comments like yours will not be tolerated by anyone associated with the Overwatch League.”

The email further said, “Accordingly, the League Office has determined to impose a $1,000 for posting support for a racist meme.”

However, silkthread decided to dispute the fine and succeeded in doing so, but it seems like he regrets his choice upon looking back. “I think it probably would have been smarter to take the fine ‘cause it’d be pretty fucking cool to get legacized as the person that got fined for tweeting about Pepe the frog, that’d be pretty epic,” silkthread said in his stream.

While silkthread avoided the fine of $1,000 back then, he mentioned in the stream that he had to pay $60 for a cab ride to Burbank to dispute the fine.