Evil Geniuses acquired by PEAK6 Investments

Photo: Evil Geniuses

The North America based esports organisation, Evil Geniuses has been acquired by PEAK6 a Chicago-based investment firm. PEAK6 also appointed a new CEO for the organisation as part of deal.

Evil Geniuses was previously owned and funded by Twitch, in 2016 Twitch divested itself of the organisation and gave ownership powers to players and selected management.

With Twitch’s exit, Phillip Aram took the role of COO in 2017, a year after the split-up. The announcement by Evil Geniuses highlighted how Phillips had been hard pressed for searching for a suitable investor.

Evil Geniuses currently competes in games such as Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Rocket League. The organization also recently signed a sponsorship deal with Razer and is already sponsored by Monster Energy and Xfinity.

According to PEAK6’s release,Phillips will still remain as the COO of Evil Geniuses and will work alongside Nicole LaPointe Jameson, previously an associate in PEAK6’s Strategic Capital division, who will serve as the team’s new CEO and will work to secure additional partnerships for the team. Although no further details of the deal were disclosed at the moment and the team also decline to provide details when asked for additional information.

This is PEAK6’s first venture into the world of professional esports. With no prior knowledge about the esports industry as a whole, the fans of the team are currently sceptical about the move and with new CEO not being from the scene the confidence about this move isn’t that high among fans. but Jameson also have enough experience to back up his role and since the team have access to more resources now the future doesn’t look that bad.