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VCT Pacific: RRQ send Global Esports packing in their Week 7 fixture

Global Esports have been defeated by Indonesian Side RRQ as they now exit the contention towards the playoffs at the VCT Pacific League. 

RRQ vs Global Esports Match Details

  • Global Esports Vs Rex Regum Qeon
  • Match Type: Best of 3, LAN 
  • Week 7, VCT Pacific League

Map Veto

  • RRQ ban Lotus 
  • Global Esports ban Haven
  • RRQ pick Fracture
  • Global Esports pick Pearl
  • RRQ ban Split
  • Global Esports ban Ascent
  • Bind was left over

Map 1: Fracture (Pick: RRQ, Winner: RRQ, Final Score: 13-10)

Global Esports started off Fracture on the right foot, taking an early lead of 4-2. Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha swirled at RRQ with his guns blazing, who tried to pierce every reinforcement set up by RRQ. Despite AYRIN and Monyet reducing RRQ to just 3 players, the latter converted a 3v5 into a flawless round-win post the spike plant. This indeed had the ball rolling for RRQ who were able to square off the first half 6-6 thanks to Eroll “EJAY” Jule Delfin’s ace heroics on Raze which saw GES being picked off at their spawn. 

Coming from the break, RRQ seemed to have donned the driver’s seat, going 12-10 up, fueled by David “xffero”  Monangin’s assault post plant as he was able to deny Global Esports their 11th round on the board after converting a 1v3 post plant. 

RRQ secured their map pick as both the teams headed over to Pearl, the second map in the Veto Pool. 

Map 2: Pearl (Pick: Global Esports, Winner: RRQ, Final Score: 13:11)

Before RRQ ran away with a healthy 8-4 lead in the first half, Global Esports and David “xffero” Monangin traded off rounds back and forth only for the latter to run away with straight 4 rounds, much thanks to James “2geMONSTAH” Goopio on Harbor who locked out GES off their defense. 

Despite the pundits favoring RRQ to be the series winner, Global Esports put up quite a show to defy the odds as they charted a comeback on their offense which saw them rack straight four rounds after being down 7-11. Jordan “AYRIN” He just fell short of luck as RRQ quickly recovered with Lmemore decimating Monyet and SkRossi to help his team run away with the series. 

Global Esports now play DFM in the Week 8 of the VCT Pacific League. 

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