Valorant Reload Event: Teams, Format, Schedule, and More

Riot Games and Amazon are teaming up to throw a live event at the end of the year called RE//LOAD.

RE//LOAD is going to be centered around a variety of content creators, including a Pro-AM tournament with four teams to participate, as it was announced today by Crown Channel on Twitter. The captains of the four competing teams are bnans, Starsmitten, xChocoBars, and Mel, respectively.

The tournament, hosted by Crown and Riot Games, will kick off on December 16th. It will be hosted by Ali “Myth” Kabbani and Jacki Jing, who hosted VCT Stage 1 Masters in Iceland in 2022.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Amazon and the folks at Crown Channel to co-host the RE//LOAD event experience for our Valorant community,” expressed Nikki Lewis, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Riot Games in a press release.

Four teams, namely Team Undercity, Team Vengeance, Team RGX, and Team Protocol, will battle for the honor of being summoned. According to the Amazon news release, the live event will feature three “Valorant-inspired” activities. DJ Dabin and Mike Dimes will also be performing live at the venue as well.

Shroud and Stewie2k, two players who have shown a desire to return to Valorant Esports, will be competing in this cup for the first time in a long while, and for some fans, it will be love at first sight. 

Valorant Re//LOAD Teams:

The Teams competing at RE//LOAD are as follows : 

Team Undercity

  • xChocoBars (captain)
  • Peter Park
  • itsRyanHiga
  • Shiphtur
  • Punz

Team Vengeance

  • Mel (captain)
  • Kyedae
  • Alexis
  • Jessica
  • ethos

Team RGX

  • bnans (captain)
  • iiTzTimmy
  • LuluLovely
  • Just9n
  • shroud

Team Protocol

  • Starsmitten (captain)
  • BoxBox
  • Stewie2k
  • AverageJonas
  • AngelsKimi

Stewie2k and shroud are the most famous Valorant creators at the offseason cup.

Many creator-led events have been added to the competitive schedule during the Valorant offseason as streamers and professional players strive to grow their audiences and create new competitive opportunities. This also allows the community to reset from watching pro-Valorant across the year.

Streamers like iiTzTimmy, who has stated his desire to organize his own Valorant team for the competitive calendar with shroud, have stated their intent to play RE//LOAD on Team RGX among other creators.

Throughout Riot Games’ catalog of games, Amazon has been a reliable partner for in-game activations, Twitch drops and other events. According to Riot’s Sr. Director of Brand Marketing Nikki Lewis, the decision to host another event in Valorant, with live music and other product launches alongside Crown Channel, was made quickly and without hesitation.

“Valorant lives at the intersection of competitive gaming and up-and-coming music, so partnering with Amazon’s Crown Channel to throw an in-person event like RE//LOAD — both a gaming event, starring some of Valorant’s fan-favorite streamers, and a music event, featuring rising artists like Mike Dimes, Jae Park, and Dabin — was a no-brainer,” she concluded.

Everything about this Atlanta, Georgia event will be broadcast live online. Followers can tune into the RE//LOAD Twitch broadcast to observe the action.