AA Gaming announces AAA Esports Series – DOTA 2 with open qualifiers

AA Gaming, the fast-growing Pune-based esports and gaming venture, has pulled the curtains on the open-for-all AAA Esports Series – Dota 2. Players from across India can participate in the tournament for the trophy and a share of the Rs. 25,000 prize pool.

Registrations for the tournament are currently live on the official website until Jan. 12. The registered teams will have to play through qualifiers to make it to the broadcasted Playoffs.

The tournament will be live-streamed on the official AA Gaming YouTube channel in Hindi. Stay tuned to AA Gaming’s Instagram and website for more information.

Talking about this tournament, Akash Dhangar, Founder and CEO, AA Gaming said, “We previously only provided white-label and third-party solutions, but now that we are hosting our own IPs, we have a new domain to use. This is the first of many events we have planned, and we’ll make sure to give both professionals and underdogs equal opportunities at each one. At AA Gaming, our goal is to build a platform for gamers to kickstart their careers in esports.”

The AAA Esports is the inaugural IP by AA Gaming. It features a total prize pool of Rs. 1,00,000 and features four different games: VALORANT, Pokemon UNITE, Real Cricket 20, and Dota 2. All games featured open-for-all qualifiers and have worked in elevating esports for these games from the grassroots level.

AA Gaming is committed to providing a platform for both professionals and underdogs to showcase their skills and compete in the world of esports. The AAA esports Series DOTA 2 tournament is the perfect opportunity for gamers to test their skills and see where they stand in the competitive landscape.