In an interview recently with, Counter Strike’s one of the most beloved players and team manager, NiP, Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen said that Esports will be a bigger and larger sport than football, and that the way the technological and psychological emergence has been witnessed, it is going to be bigger with time.


Emil, who goes by the name HeatoN, has been one of those eSports professionals who are consistently proving to be one of the key role-players in term of systematical development. The development of the newly established industry is such as a visionary revolution with substantial growth and with the caliber and professional background of HeatoN in the industry, there are no contradictory opinions to the same.

I’ve made the journey, and I know what it takes.

A player, coach and currently owner of one of the top eSports organizations, HeatoN is one of those contributors to this industry who has seen through, felt the depth and analysed eSports from all possible angles. And comparing such a breathtaking sport Football to eSports, even if he is 50% correct. The prediction would surely revolutionize the way people see eSports as a profession and career.

DreamHack Winter is one again in progress. A huge number of gamers are travelling their way to Jönköping, Sweden, for a weekend loaded with gaming. In the meantime, a percentage of the best players on the planets have made the same adventure, to contend at the world’s greatest LAN. Dreamhack Cluj also witnessed 25mn viewership, jaw-dropping numbers in terms of viewers. We wish though, HeatoN’s prediction proves right!

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