It’s official! Shaun ‘FMPONE’ Snelling broke the news via a video iterating that the rework of Cache is complete and the improved map will make it’s debut at ESL ONE New York. Although, FMPONE added that it will merely be played in the Showmatch that will precede the Grand Final of the event.

FMPONE stated that he had worked extensively with the original creator of Cache, Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garuzzo and that the two will be in attendance at ESL ONE New York as the reworked map makes it’s debut.

An added perk for the fans in attendance at the Barclays Centre will be the prospect of being the first and exclusive ones to play the new Cache at ESEA booths before it is released to the public via a global update.

Cache was removed from the Active Duty pool in March. But, the decision to add Vertigo to it has been a much-contested affair. The map has been played at reputed LAN Events and in important scenarios between top teams, with everyone coming to the conclusion that it is just not a map worthy of being in the Active Duty pool.

Vertigo leaves little to innovate in terms of tactics and it’s mechanics don’t make sense in a competitive setting. Everyone who has been against the inclusion of Vertigo would be glad to take a closer look at the reworked Cache.

But, with its debut at ESL ONE New York, one thing is certain. Vertigo will remain in the Active Duty pool for the Starladder Berlin Major 2019, despite some calling for Cache to reintroduced in place of Vertigo before the Major.