ESEA have modified their past matchmaking framework and reported another configuration, which will incorporate a month to month $20,000 pug group for players contending in the ESL Pro League North American division and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Prior today ESEA declared another, reexamined position for their matchmaking framework, which will take after a framework much the same as the one of FACEIT, as players participating will be circulated in four positions as per their “elo”, A through D, and will have an opportunity to work their way up.



An extra rank, rank S, implied for the most part for expert players, will give out $20,000 every month over the top contenders taking into account their focuses toward the end of the month.

Players of groups contending in the North American division of ESL Pro League, and in addition Echo Fox, TSM, Tempo Storm and Valve-banned individuals from ex-iBUYPOWER, have been welcome to take part in the opposition.

Furthermore, the alliance won’t be totally select, as consistently the two most noteworthy positioned players from outside of Rank S will procure a spot there as well, with their execution changed toward the end of the next month to see whether they ought to be downgraded or stay in the opposition.

For the present, the opposition is just running in North America, yet as per the discharge ESEA are hoping to convey Rank S to Europe’s Pro League players by early April.