Epic Games has announced a $100 million prize pool Fortnite World Cup which runs till July, marking the entry of the most popular Battle Royale game in Esports.

The tournament, which begins on April 13 will see 10 weekly open qualifiers hosted till mid June each having a prize pool of $1 million. Following that, the top 100 solo players and top 50 duos will be selected to face off in an epic contest from July 26-28 in New York.

The most surprising part of the announcement is the prize pool, which has not only raised some eyebrows, but is a testament to how far the game has come. Each of the qualified player is guaranteed a minimum of $50,000 with the champion walking away with as much as $3 million. To put this in perspective, CSGO, which has long been one of the most popular fps game of this decade, has a total prize pool of $1 million in its biggest event, the Majors.

While other details of the tournament will be released in the last 2 parts of the announcements later, Epic Games has confirmed that it would host other fun events at the Finals, like ‘fun custom challenges in different modes and formats.’

While the other details of the event are impatiently awaited, the buzz for Fortnite has certainly not shown signs of stopping, and with this it can take it one step above all its competitors.