Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games Store Public Status shows “degraded performance” as its status right now after the application crashed multiple times. This is a result of their promotional activity to offer GTA 5 free to keep forever on Epic Games application.

After several rumors, first coming from, it was widely discussed that Epic Games’ new free game could be a big title, as big as Rockstar Games’ GTA 5.

The load on their servers also affected their flagship title Fortnite as well, and users reported issues in logging into the app. Epic Games did grab the attention of the gaming community with this unprecedented title freebie. However, it seems as of now that Epic Games didn’t anticipate gamers’ anticipation and didn’t prepare their servers well.

It is also imperative to note that the offer isn’t limited for a short time. Infact, it runs throughout the week. Which means even if you can’t access the servers right now, you don’t need to panic, as the offer stays for a week long.

The servers still seem to be doomed, on my desktop, I can still see a 504 Timed Out Error. Find How to Download GTA 5 For Free Here.