Jayanth “skillZ” Ramesh is the newest addition to Entity Gaming’s Counter-Strike roster. Soon after ESL India Premiership Summer Finale 2019 ended, Agneya “Marzil” Koushik moved from the ex-Signify lineup to BL4ZE Esports consisting of former Team w1ngs players while Jayanth started practising along with Entity Gaming. Jayanth earlier played alongside former w1ngs players.

So far, Entity Gaming have won three games out of five in the Fall Season of ESL India Premiership 2019. The lineup also had a strong start in Playtonia Conquerors Insignia 2019 qualifiers. In other updates, they have also qualified for Dew Arena 2019 LAN Finals.

However, their performance against SEA teams is still questionable. Recently, they fell down to BOOM 2-16 in the open qualifiers of MSI MGA 2019 and they were defeated 0-2 by Team Aster in Asian Emperor tournament.

“He brings raw, unbridled talent that is certainly going to add to our firepower,” claimed the organization through the announcement. The 23-year-old lad from Bengaluru has flexed sick aim and raw skills that will certainly take Entity to new heights.


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