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Entity defeats Brutality to meet OpTic in upper-bracket finals.

Entity Gaming vs Team Brutality is a classic encounter when it comes down to the Indian Counter-Strike scene. Team Brutality banned train and mirage while Entity Gaming chose to remove nuke and inferno. Cache and Overpass were respectively picked up by Team Brutality and Entity Gaming; Dust II was left over to be the decider.

  • Cache: Entity Gaming 19-17 Team Brutality
  • Overpass: Entity Gaming 16-6 Team Brutality

HellRangeR and Amaterasu bought utility while the rest of them had armour in the first pistol round of Cache. Entity went for a quick mid-play, later heading towards the B-site and getting the bomb down while the Brutal squad couldn’t retake the site and crumbled down in the hands of Entity. Entity Gaming won the upcoming two rounds against upgraded pistols, merely losing one player.

Entity began the first buy-round with a mid-round A-site split and MAC10s got two entries to clear the site. Brutality forced the fifth round but failed to create any impact in the round. Entity executed a mid-round mid-take and later faked B-site to enter the A-site but Brutality stood strong with each player taking one kill.

Brutality got the second round on the board with the help of double-kills from Fox and Rix, defending the B-site. The succeeding round saw Entity Gaming having a default A-split but Spy managed to get two quick kills with the AWP in a close encounter but HellRangeR went all the way to the B-site to get the bomb down and get that extra money.

Rix with his big green gun was the only man holding the B-site and Entity rushed him, catching him off-guard to clear the B-site. Entity won that round with three players alive and the scoreboard appeared 6-3 in Entity’s favor. Entity Gaming took the tenth round against pistols stacked within the A-site.

Entity, once again went for the A-site split but the Brutal defense demolished the push; scoreboard displayed 4-7 inclined towards Entity Gaming. Entity Gaming went for a quick B-site split and slowed down later but a crucial triple kill from Spy on the defense made sure that his boys didn’t crumble against the boys in blue.

Although Entity got the bomb down on the A-site, Brutality didn’t lose a single player in the post-plant retake scenario. Brutality won all the following rounds except the last one which went in Entity’s bag and the scoreline at the end of the first half merely included towards Entity Gaming 8-7.

Entity, on the CT side, went for an early aggression towards the B-site and bagged the first pistol round. Brutality is reckoned for it’s force-buys and the boys in yellow did reply back Entity taking the second and third round, equalizing the scores at 9-9.

Juventa just charged into the A-site and took 3k on the entry to secure the eleventh round for his side. Entity finally went for a double-AWP set-up in the twenty-second round but it was HellRangeR’s M4A4 getting all the crucial three-kills on the B-site, ending Brutality’s streak.

The AWPs on CT side begin to shine as the boys in blue secured following two-rounds and getting at par with Brutality 12-12. Entity went ahead 15-12 securing the following three rounds; shutting down all aggressive Brutal plays.

Brutality went for a quick A-site play in a do or die situation and secured the round after losing three players in a quick succession; V3nom and Spy fought back 2vs5 to secure the twenty-eighth round. Team Brutality took it to the overtime but lost it’s own pick 19-17. Brutality made a commendable effort.

Overpass being Entity’s pick, Brutality chose the CT side. Two guys from Entity bought the utility to fake A-site and later moved to an empty B-site to secure the first round. As always, Brutality never disappoints with their force buys and took the second round on Spy’s back with an incredible triple kill with the CZ-75.

Team Brutality dealt with an early disadvantage in the third round but Fox and Spy held their stand at the B-site with 2k each. Juventa got a quad-kill near the connector against the pistols making scoreboard look 3-1 inclined towards Brutals. Entity Gaming got their first full-buy in the fifth round and had a successful A-split to secure the second round on the board. Since then, boys in yellow could only secure one additional round to end the first half 11-4 favoring Entity Gaming.

Brutality on the terrorist side, rushed B-short during the one minute mark and picked up all the defenders one by one to finally have a round on the board. Brutals lost to upgraded pistols and a saved AK-47 in the eighteenth round while DEATHMAKER destroyed the Brutal attack on the B-site with an incredible quad-kill. Later, Entity won all the consecutive rounds to win the second map 16-6. They will advance to the upper-bracket finals and they’ll battle against OpTic India at 7:00 PM IST.

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