ENCE, Natus Vincere advance to IEM Katowice 2019 Semifinals

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The IEM Katowice Major Quarterfinals commenced with 1st game between Faze Clan and Na’Vi, with Faze going home losing 0-2.

  • Inferno: Na’Vi 16-13 FaZe
  • Mirage: Na’Vi 16-7 FaZe

Natus Vincere, the Ukrainian giants had a rough start in the first map Inferno with their CT side finishing the half 5-10, in favour of FaZe Clan. Even with Flamie getting pistol ace in the first round of the game didn’t help Na’Vi to build upon it. Mostly because their star players i.e. Electronic and s1mple were missing in action.

But things turned around as Flamie pulled another pistol ace in the 16th round as they rushed their way to B-site to plant the bomb. Soon after this, the team was able to build momentum on, and charged through the defence of FaZe making it look easy.
Zeus being the IGL, was able to open sites easily with Electronic grinding the gears and pushing FaZe off the map.

Both Zeus and Electronic helped the Ukrainian side to put rounds on board, with only s1mple missing in action. Na’Vi were able to finish 1st map with a final score of 16-13 in FaZe’s map pick, with Flamie making a new major record of consecutive pistol round aces in a single game.

Second map was Natus Vincere’s pick, Mirage. With mirage, Na’Vi started as terrorists and were able to pull through a decent 9 rounds lead over Faze in a map that is decently balanced for both CTs and Ts. In the first half, FaZe were able to put an average fight, but as soon as they started as Ts in second half, they were not able to fire off all cylinders.

With all star line-up not able to frag across the board, Na’Vi were able to make a run for it and stomped Faze in second half, only dropping a single round. Na’Vi won the second map with 16-7 final score and eliminated FaZe Clan, which had a below average game with all-star team failing to frag constantly throughout the game.

With this, Na’Vi advances to Semi-Finals of Intel Extreme Masters Major Katowice 2019 taking on winner of second game between ENCE eSports and Team Liquid.

Moving on to second game of the day, ENCE eSports barely advanced to the Championship Stage with early 0-2 after losing two consecutive battles against Renegades and HellRaisers in the Legends Stage. On the contrary, Team Liquid went undefeated into the Championship Stage and they were perceived to be a major contenders of the trophy. Nonetheless, ENCE has advanced to semi-finals taking down Team Liquid 2-0 on Mirage and Inferno.

  • Mirage: ENCE 16-11 Liquid
  • Inferno: ENCE 19-16 Liquid

Mirage being ENCE’s pick, it went back and forth in the first half as it ended 8-7 favouring the Finnish lads. Both the teams traded rounds while Allu and co. repeatedly attacked A-site. Sergej began the ecounter as he got a triple-kill in the pistol round.

Following this ENCE won the second round but Stewie2k stepped up with a quad-kill of his own to get first round on the board. ENCE maintained fast face in the succeeding rounds although the half ended 8-7 favouring them.

Team Liquid could merely secure 4 rounds on the offense as the Finnish controlled the momentum in the second half of first map. Team Liquid seemed to lose the ground but NAF did make a commendable effort with a 2vs5 ace clutch with the AWP. Despite his efforts, ENCE eSports bagged Mirage 16-11.

Team Liquid began the second map on T-side and they immediately bagged the pistol round but ENCE took over the succeeding five rounds on the trot. Since then, Finnish team couldn’t grab a single round. Liquid led the pace of the first half clearing bombsites convincingly. First half ended 10-5 in the favour of Team Liquid.

ENCE eSports won initial 3 rounds but Liquid didn’t let them build up. Liquid went on to win next 5 rounds and reached the map-point. Liquid seemed to grab their map pick but the Finnish lads turned table as they didn’t let Liquid win a single round futher in the regulation. Scores tied at 15-15 and ENCE concluded the come back on a winning note.

Overpass being the decider wasn’t required as the encounter ended 2-0 in the favour of ENCE eSports. This is a major and ever since the recent past, no major comprised of no upsets. Natus Vincere and ENCE eSports have advanced to Semi-Finale.

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