Ence break Astralis’ streak on Nuke at BLAST Pro Series Madrid

ALLU ence csgo
Photo via HLTV

The first map of the Best of Three finals was Nuke, followed by Train and Dust2.

The vetoes of the finals can be found below:

  • Astralis removed Mirage
  • ENCE removed Vertigo
  • Astralis picked Nuke
  • ENCE picked Train
  • Astralis removed Overpass
  • ENCE removed Inferno
  • Dust2 was left over

Astralis have been well known for having a 31-0 unbeatable streak on Nuke. However, it looked like Ence were here to put an end to their unbeatable run.

As the map began, Ence threw Astralis off their feet by picking up the first six rounds in a row, before Astralis was able to pick up two of their own. The first half followed the same storyline and ENCE dominated the Danes to a scoreline of 11-4 in the first half.

However, Astralis showed their magic by taking up the first 3 rounds in the second half and saved their hopes of continuing the streak on Nuke. ENCE were ready to tackle Astralis by the horns and pushed themselves to map point, with the scoreline being 15-7.

Photo via HLTV

Astralis were still fighting tooth and nail and brought back to very close rounds, pushing the score to 15-9. Allu and co. put the final nail in the coffin and broke Astralis’ streak with a scoreline of 16-9

In the game, it looked like Astralis were not prepared for the aggression from ENCE and succumbed to the Finn’s. Aerial took charge of proceedings on the ENCE side, ending the half with 21 kills and winning 8 out of his 10 opening battles against the Danes.

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