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Emi Leaves Orangutan X with Controversial Reasons, Team Responds

The female Valorant roster of Orangutan, known as Orangutan X, has faced a major shakeup with the departure of player Emily “Emi” Lauw. Her departure was accompanied by a Twitter post, shedding light on the challenges she faced during her time with the organization. The ripple effect of her exit, however, prompted a fascinating clash of perspectives as her former teammates stepped forward to provide an alternate narrative and defend their organization. However, Emi went ahead to rebut the narratives put forth by her former teammates.

Emi Reveals Reasons For Leaving Orangutan X

The departure of Emily “Emi” Lauw from Orangutan X’s Valorant roster sent shockwaves through the gaming community. In a Tweet, Emi outlined her reasons for leaving the organization, citing issues that led her to this difficult decision.

Emi’s first point of contention was the perceived lack of proper player development within the organization. She expressed that she felt unsupported and hindered in her journey to progress further as a player.

Emi’s circumstances in Australia posed a unique challenge. She highlighted that despite contractual obligations, Orangutan X was unable to offer her the necessary support, which further compounded her decision to step down. 

One of the most striking revelations was Emi’s account of the promises made to the team during their stay in India. She detailed how the team had expressed concerns about local food affecting their health and had requested a specialized cook. Emi claimed that despite raising the issue numerous times, these promises remained unfulfilled, leading to her and her teammates’ decision to return to their respective countries. 

Emi’s post also touched upon what she described as mistreatment during her tenure with Orangutan X. She accused staff and management of unprofessional behavior, including yelling at players, lying, and inadequate communication. 

Teammates’ Response and Alternate Perspective

In response to Emi’s departure and her reasons for leaving, her former teammates from Orangutan X collectively issued a statement. This statement provided their perspective on the situation. They addressed each of Emi’s points and provided a different view on the circumstances.

The teammates acknowledged that while no organization is perfect, Orangutan X had provided the team with the resources necessary to compete. They emphasized the need for players to also contribute and adapt to new environments, particularly when dealing with challenges such as food preferences.

The teammates also highlighted instances of internal disagreements. They pointed out that maintaining professionalism, respectful communication, and collective accountability are essential aspects of being part of a competitive team in a professional gaming scene.

The response also addressed Emi’s concerns about financial compensation. Her former teammates revealed that salary adjustments were tied to team progress and individual performance. 

Lasty, the former teammates questioned whether the allegations of mistreatment were truly representative of their experience with Orangutan X. They pointed to their own long-standing commitment to the organization as evidence that they had not found the situation as intolerable as Emi had described.

Emi’s Rebuttal Sheds New Light on Orangutan X’s Internal Struggles

In a series of pointed tweets, Emi directly addressed her former teammates’ response. Emi’s response to her former teammates’ collective statement highlights her perspective on the team’s internal dynamics. Her tweets offer a counterpoint to their claims and assert her stance on various aspects of her time with Orangutan X.

Emi vehemently denied making derogatory remarks about her teammates’ skills. She emphasized that she herself experienced consistent disrespect throughout her tenure with Orangutan X. She shed light on a significant point – that player development was notably absent until a new coach was introduced.

A striking revelation from Emi’s response is her claim of possessing recordings from tournaments, specifically Open 3 and 2. She asserts that these recordings prove she made no “mean remarks.”

Emi pointed criticism at the current coach, accusing him of repeated lies to protect his image and asserts that his behavior inhibits both personal growth and the team’s potential for success. In her last tweet, Emi acknowledged her own potential for immaturity but argues that certain individuals within Orangutan X pushed their.

Emi’s departure from Orangutan X and the exchange of perspectives between her and her former teammates offers a distinct perspective. Orangutan is a longstanding esports organization and has become a household name in the Indian esports ecosystem. The organization is associated with numerous pro players of various games, including Valorant, Battlegrounds Mobile India, and more. It will be interesting to see how this situation turns out for Orangutan and Emi.

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