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Elon Musk teases Joe Rogan podcast return

Billionaire Elon Musk has always maintained centre stage when it comes to social media presence and has always been involved in some or the other controversies which often puts him on the receiving end of tricky questions every time he talks to the media. Joe Rogan has always addressed key issues in his podcasts and given room to controversial figures to defend themselves.

Fans have begged Elon to return to the Joe Rogan podcast after his previous two appearances became a massive hit. Elon previously addressed several controversial issues and managed to give answers that were able to satisfy the masses and provide his perspective which was diluted by the media before he opened up about it.

The time Musk spoke extensively with Joe Rogan was in 2021 when he addressed several key issues at the time but his recent acquisition of Twitter and the mass firing of employees caused a massive uproar against him on the internet. Fans were hoping he would provide a deeper insight into his recent ventures.

Joe Rogan recently lost his number 1 spot on Spotify and a show with Elon Musk might help him cement his number 1 spot among the “Most Listened” shows on the Swedish music streaming platform. Rogan has always maintained a fundamental neutrality when talking to his guests along with upholding opinions from either side of the debate which is why so many people love his show and to have someone like Elon Musk answering tricky questions, is bound to be a hit it materialises.

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