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EG Valorant Squad Given Option to Leave or Take Pay Cut After Winning Champions

The competitive world of esports is no stranger to team reshuffles and contract negotiations. However, recent developments surrounding the Valorant squad of Evil Geniuses have caught the attention of many in the industry.

Evil Geniuses, a name synonymous with excellence in esports, has been a dominant force in various gaming titles. Their Valorant team, in particular, has showcased remarkable skills and strategies, earning them accolades and a dedicated fanbase.

Recent reports suggest that the players of the Valorant team are at a significant crossroads in their journey with Evil Geniuses. They are reportedly given two choices: explore opportunities with other organizations or continue with Evil Geniuses at a reduced salary. This decision puts the players in a challenging position, weighing their loyalty against their professional aspirations and financial stability.

The esports community has been abuzz with discussions about this development. Many are speculating the reasons behind such a move, considering the team’s commendable performance in recent tournaments. Some believe it could be due to budget constraints, while others think it might be a strategic move to bring in fresh talent.

The current situation presents a classic dilemma for the players: stick with a renowned organization like Evil Geniuses at a potentially reduced pay or venture out to explore new opportunities, which might offer better financial incentives but come with its own set of challenges.

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